Messy Men Hairstyles

By Fiona Miller

Messy men's hairstyles have been in vogue for men all over the United States from Brad Pitt to Zac Efron. This hairstyle may look like it is a wash and go affair, but some men spend hours trying to perfect the just-rolled-out-of-bed look. With a little bit of knowledge and hair care, you can make your hair chic.

Obtaining the Elusive Messy Look

Go to your local hair stylist and talk to him about your hair and what you want it to look like. Bring in a picture of a celebrity or a friend who has the look you're going for. This way, your hair stylist can assess whether or not this will work with your hair.

How to Achieve the Messy Do

The secret to the messy do is long layers. If your hair is short, it may take you a few months to grow it out enough to get the look you're going for. Your hair stylist can help you figure out how long it will need to grow so that you can maintain it with the least amount of effort after the cut. With long layers, you'll need a minimal amount of product to keep it looking messy, but you'll want to dry it with a hair dryer after a shower in order to make sure you don't have frizz or fly-aways. You'll also want to start using conditioner to keep your hair more controllable and manageable.

Different Messy Styles

The messy hairstyle doesn't have a particular cookie-cutter pattern, making each hairstyle as unique as the man who's wearing it. However, you can go for shorter sides and a longer top to achieve a very messy look, or you can go for very long layers parted to the side for a more effortlessly masculine look.