Mature Hairstyles for Short Hair

By Marla Currie

Mature women are more likely to wear their hair shorter as the desire to sport flowing locks gets superseded by the need to accomplish all that mature women must accomplish with family, home, and work. Short hair styles, however, can often be more time-consuming than long hair.

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Short hair requires a great cut to look polished. Ideally, hair should be more than just cut. It should be sheared into a short hairstyle, a hairdo. There are a number of hairstyles that are not only attractive on mature women but also provide a youthful appearance. These are classic short hair looks that say a lot about the wearer.

Pageboy and Pixy

A Pageboy with its severe cropped bangs and bobbed ends is an attractive youthful look for mature women. Perhaps because the style was worn by energetic young boys during another era, that image continues to be telegraphed even when worn by mature women.

Like the Pageboy, the Pixy is an energetic hairstyle even when it appears on a head full of salt and pepper hair. With its short spikes and random waves, the Pixy is a cut that demonstrates the skilled hand of a professional. Naturally curly hair works well with a Pixy cut but even straight hair can be cut into the style. Using a mousse or gel can help spikes stay spiky.

Closely-Cropped Neck

A tapered haircut where the back of the hair is closely-cropped to the scalp, either straight down or in a sculpted, longer crown that slopes, looks fabulous on a mature woman. This is a look that combines energy of youth and the capable authority of a mature woman.

With longer bangs, a close-cropped neck hairstyle can be very flirty. Bangs can be worn very long as to impart an asymmetrical design. Styled into a gentle wave curl, long bangs become seductive. Crimp them, and you're ready for a fun night on the town.

The Natural

Hair and scalp product have come such a long way and the choice is virtually limitless. You can wear your short hair natural and look beautiful if you've been lucky enough to find what works for you.

Some mature women opt to not color gray hair while for many others, coloring of hair allows them to put on many style personalities. However you choice to go, wearing your own natural hair whether bone-straight or coarse and kinky, you should find a haircut that fits your face and when styled with minimal effort, still looks good.