Makeup Tricks to Cover Bags Under the Eyes

By Angela Reinholz

Cover and conceal those pesky under-the-eye bags. The skin underneath your eye is delicate, and the blood vessels that are concealed by your skin sometimes expand, which makes the area under your eyes look baggy and sometimes darker than usual. Use makeup to remove the appearance of baggy eyes, so your face appears fresh and well-rested. When makeup is applied correctly, your under-the-eye bags will not be noticeable.


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Step 1

Wash your face with your normal face wash and apply a light moisturizer. This will let you get rid of any dead skin, dirt and old makeup that could still be on your face. Pat your face dry with a towel before you apply makeup to it.


Step 2

Examine the color of the skin underneath your eyes. If you have a red tone, you can use a concealer with a green tint to cover the bags. If your bags include dark circles, you can use concealer that contains lavender/purple tones to help cover the area under your eyes. If you have bluish tones in the skin under your eyes, you can use a yellow-based concealer.


Step 3

Apply your regular foundation to your face, using your normal methods to create an even-looking skin tone. Let the foundation dry before you apply anything to the areas under your eye.


Step 4

Use a makeup brush or the tip of your finger and apply the under eye concealer lightly to the area under your eyes. Blend the area in until you can no longer see the makeup.


Step 5

Apply a light layer of your regular foundation over the under-eye area and blend the makeup in again. Your bags underneath your eyes should appear as if they are smaller or no longer visible.