A Kariza wrap is a reversible wrap skirt, made of vintage silk and silk-blended fabrics. The wrap, reminiscent of wrap skirts popular in the 1970s, has special features that allow it to be worn in a multitude of configurations. The Kariza wrap has two layers of lightweight color-coordinated fabric and long ties which allow it to be worn as a skirt, a dress or a top. The Kariza Designs company provides an illustrated brochure with the wrap, as well as video instructions for wearing this unique article of clothing.

Wear as a Skirt

Hold the skirt in front of you at waist level with the right side of the shortest fabric panel facing forward. Grasp the upper-outer edges of the skirt with one hand on each side, where the ties are attached.

Wrap the top of the skirt around your waist, so it overlaps behind your back. Continue wrapping the ties around your waist so they meet in front. Tie the ties together in a knot or a bow to secure the skirt.

Adjust the position of the skirt so it is comfortable.

Wear as a Dress

Put on the skirt so the sides of the fabric panels overlap behind your back. Wrap the ties around your waist and tie them loosely in the front.

Lift the top fabric panel and slide it under the ties to form the blouse portion of the dress. Holding the corners of the top layer of the skirt, tie the corners of the fabric panel behind your neck to form a halter-type top.

Adjust the ties, as necessary.


  • Search online for other manufacturers of wraps, similar to those manufactured by Kariza Designs. Helpful search terms include: Kariza, reversible wrap skirt, magic wrap skirt, multi-wear skirt. Many dual-layer wrap-skirt manufacturers offer online illustrations or video instructions to teach you various ways to wear the wrap. Consumers post video instructions and photos, showing you creative methods of creating new styles.