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Ogilvie hair straightener is an over the counter product that removes curls or waves from the hair. Ogilvie uses chemicals to remove curl permanently by breaking keratin bonds in the hair and restructuring the hair shaft into a less curly formation.

Perform a patch test.

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Apply a small amount of the Ogilvie product to the inside elbow and allow to sit for 24 hours before applying the product to the hair. Check for severe redness, itching or allergic reaction. In addition, be sure you have no existing highlights, bleached or previously lye relaxed hair. Do not apply the product if any of these conditions exist since you may experience severe breakage of the hair. If you are unsure of hair condition, perform a strand test by removing a few pieces of hair from your head (cut from underneath in back) and putting solution on them for the time recommended by the product. If the hair melts or appears severely damaged after processing, do not apply to the hair.


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Product choices include regular straightening and conditioning treatments for all hair types and can be purchased in drugstores or online. Use the conditioning straightening treatment for damaged hair. Put on the leave-in conditioner before beginning application if the hair is frizzy. Leave-in conditioners can be purchased at beauty supplies and drug stores. Rub an amount about the size of a quarter size in both hands, pat on the hair and comb through evenly. Avoid the roots and apply the majority to the ends of the hair. Since the ends of the hair are older, they tend to be more damaged due to environmental and chemical damage caused by pollutants or hair products. Leave conditioner on the hair throughout the application process.

Solution Application

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Put the straightener lotion in a bowl and apply using a color applicator or kit brush. Section the hair by parting from forehead to nape and then vertically ear to ear until you have 4 sections. Clip each section with a butterfly clip. Start applying the straightener by slicing quarter inch horizontal pieces from the back hair sections using a rat tail comb. Put on gloves provided with the kit to avoid skin irritation. Apply the straightener using a brush to the root only if hair has never been straightened before (virgin hair). Apply to each section throughout the head and then go back and apply to the ends of each section, again starting at the nape. Once the product has been applied, comb continuously using a medium teeth comb (or wide tooth for a more wavy effect) till hair has reached desired straightness (a few minutes or more, depending on hair texture or curl). If the hair has never been chemically straightened, apply half the solution from roots to the ends and then go back through and apply to the root following the sectioning procedure listed above.


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Rinse well and shampoo with the neutralizing shampoo included in the kit. This step is crucial in the straightening process. Without the neutralizer, the hair will re-curl. The neutralizing product locks in the straightened results. Massage the neutralizer gently into the hair and then comb the neutralizer through for more consistently even results. Leave on for five minutes or according to individual package instructions. Shampoo the hair using a conditioning shampoo after timing has completed and apply a conditioner for five to 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water, dry and style. Ogilvie hair straightener should last until root re-growth occurs and can be performed every few months (root only) to maintain results. Be sure to use shampoos and conditioners for chemically treated hair, and apply a deep conditioner once per week to maintain hair health.

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