How to Wool Hat Rub Dreadlocks

By LeafTV Editor

The wool-hat rubbing method of forming dreadlocks is all-natural and can be done at home. Compared to other methods, this one requires fewer products, but there's no guarantee with this method. It depends on the hair texture to form dreads and may take months or years. Follow these ideas on for creating dreadlocks with a wool hat.

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How To Wool Hat Rub Dreadlocks


Use a residue-free dread shampoo to wash your hair and allow it to air dry.

Rub a wool hat or sweater over your head in circles for 15 to 20 minutes until knots or tangles begin to develop in your hair.

Rip the knots apart with your fingers to try to form individual dreadlocks, roll each dread between your palms to aid it in forming.

Repeat Steps 3-4 until the entire head has formed dreadlocks.

Gather any loose strands and stick them into the nearest dreadlock. Rub dread wax into each individual dread.


  • The wool-hat rubbing method creates dreads that can drastically differ in appearance. Some dreads may be larger, and others may be flat in appearance.

  • The wool-hat rubbing method works because wool fibers attach to your hair and allow knots to form as they tangle. Minimize washing until tight dreadlocks form.