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Dreadlocks are a major part of Jamaican and Egyptian cultures. Also known as knotting, dreadlocks are worn by both males and females. Dreadlock extensions are available to individuals who are in the process of growing their own splendid dreads or those who just want to tidy up their existing dreads. Men's dreadlock extensions are matched to the natural hair color and made to blend into the natural hair, giving the illusion of natural dreads.

Separate the hair into 1-inch-thick sections while the hair is damp. Secure your sections with small elastic bands to prevent them from coming loose.

Apply extension gel to each section, beginning with the sections at the bottom of the scalp. Apply the gel to the entire hair section to ensure even coverage.

Separate a grouping of hair that matches the width of your extension. Place the top of the extension against this grouping to form a "T" shape, so your extension will be perpendicular to the natural hair. Apply the top of your extension as close to the scalp as possible to ensure it is tight.

Wrap the natural hair around the top of your extension clockwise for three passes. Braid some of the leftover natural hair, enough to wrap around the extension twice, and pass it clockwise two times around the extension. Wrap the remaining natural hair around the extension's top. This hides the extension, giving the wearer a more natural look.

Repeat the process for each extension. This will take time when done correctly so do not rush the process. You are aiming for natural-looking dreads.

Smooth down stray hairs with extension gel by rolling the dreadlocks between your palms in a clockwise direction. This also forms the dreadlocks into a more organized style.

Have the dreadlock wearer sit under a dryer. Use a low-heat setting to thoroughly dry the extension gel. The thickness of the dreads will determine how long he will be required to sit under the dryer.


Natural hair extensions are ideal for men who wish to begin growing out their own dreads.