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The road to growing locs is paved with frustration and impatience when your locs loosen because new hair growth, untamed hairs, a well-needed shampoo or sweat derail your intentions. You can save time and money by retwisting and grooming your own.

Use the mirrors to examine your locs. Use your fingers to separate any locs that have joined together.

Starting at the back left side above your nape, pull one baby loc with your fingers and spritz some water on it. Dab your finger lightly in the gel and apply it to the loc from root to tip.

Insert the top of the rattail comb into the base, closest to your scalp, of the loc. Slowly twist the comb clockwise until the loc lies flat against the scalp.

Lift the comb out of the loc and place your finger on it. Pinch open a metal clip and slide it on the loc to secure it to the scalp.

Repeat spritzing, gelling, twisting and clipping the first row of baby locs. Use the same clip to secure two to three locs in the same row.

Retwist each row going forward to the front of the head. Use the previous row's clips to secure the new row's locs without taking them out; this will stretch the locs as they dry. Spritz the entire head afterward.

Use the gel to smooth down flyaways around the hair line. Dry your locs for an hour under the dryer, or use the headscarf or stocking cap to neatly air dry overnight.


Aloe vera gel is a healthy, clean product to use; use a moisturizer to avoid flaking.

Always wear a headscarf or stocking cap while exercising, and a plastic cap OVER the scarf/stocking cap when showering.

Retwist your locs every two weeks to keep them looking neat and fresh. Overtwisting or twisting them too frequently can cause breakage or hair loss.

Lemon or lime juice mixed with water in a spray bottle soothes itching without ruining your style.

With practice, you will be able to speed up your retwisting process to an hour or less.