Woman Shaking Head With Dreadlocks

No one has the same hair, therefore everyone's dreadlocks tend to grow a bit differently. While some people are lucky enough to have dreads which simply grow by themselves, others will have to twist and train their dread periodically. If your dreads have grown out a bit and you want to retwist them, a few tips can help.

Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Remember that it is extremely important to use only natural hair care products on your dreadlocks, as chemicals and waxy residues can quickly build up inside of your hair. Always wash the product throughly and then wrap your head in a towel.

Clip up the dreads at the front and top of your head if necessary, as you will begin retwisting your dreads at the back. Hold onto your first dread and dip a finger into some natural locking grease. Apply the grease to the top of the dread in the space between your scalp and the lock.

Pull a rattail comb through the grown out hair, starting at your scalp. Work the comb down to the dreads, twisting as you go. Continue retwisting your dread with the rattail comb until the lock is at your scalp.

Place a bobby pin or hair clip around the top of the dread once finished and move on the the next. When you have completed your entire head, use a hair dryer to completely dry your hair, paying special attention to the roots.

Leave the bobby pins or clips at the top of your dreads for at least 24 hours. For best results and perfect dreadlocks, wrap your head in a silk scarf after retwisting and every night when going to bed.