Woman hands holding pieces of beeswax

When twisting hair, you want maximum hold with minimal fuss. Long twists sometimes work best when held by tiny braids, but medium and short twists usually do better with an invisible holding agent such as beeswax. Beeswax is excellent for twisting hair because it provides natural emollients, it seals, it holds, and it isn't harsh on even damaged hair. In the past, people have melted down their own purchased beeswax, but now you can purchase from salons beeswax that is the perfect consistency for holding hair.

Comb hair, so it's detangled.

Section off hair that you want to twist into tiny 1 cm (or shorter) pieces.

Divide each centimeter section into two equal sub-sections.

Put each sub-section between your fingers and twist them, so they are like a small twisted rope.

Once they are twisted, hold one sub-section in one hand and the other sub-section in the other hand, and twist them together. Coil them around each other, so it creates a spiraling appearance.

When you get down to the bottom, dab a tiny drop of wax onto your finger and rub it into the twist.

You can melt down your own block of beeswax, but it's easier to purchase a container of beeswax from a salon because it's specifically formulated for hair styling, holding and moisturizing.

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  • If you feel that your twists may separate in the middle or you want your twists to look more sleek, rub a small amount of beeswax down the entire length of each twist.