How to wear your hair down and not get hot from the sun

By LeafTV Editor

During the summer months, we don’t always want to wear our hair pinned on top of our head. Sometimes we want to wear it down. How do we do that and not get hot from the sun? Here are a few suggestions.

Step 1

You can wear your hair in a single braid that drapes down your back. Tie a ribbon or bow at the end to dress it up and match your outfit.

Step 2

You could wear it in two braids, one on each side of your head, that hang down over the shoulders. Tie a bow or clip at the end of each braid and you look fresh and free. It’s cool and adds a bit of casual glamour to a mid day outing.

Step 3

If your hair is long, you can tie a large coloured ribbon around the hair at the nape of your neck. You can keep the bow in tact or let the ribbons hang down with your hair. Or, you could tie the bow half way down your back leaving half the length of your hair loose both, above and below the ribbon.

Step 4

Another attractive hair style is to French braid it with one large braid draping down your back. A stylish clip or bow on the bottom would give it a lovely final touch.

Step 5

If your hair is shorter, you could leave it loose so that it sits just above the shoulder. This gives style and freedom without having long hair draping down your back.

Step 6

And then with the shorter hair you can wear hair bands to keep the hair off your face, forehead and sides. This allows you to stay cool while keeping your hair loose and free.

Step 7

As well, the shorter hair can be dressed up with barrettes and clips to keep it off your face while adding grace, style and colour to the simple hairdo.