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Whether you wear it to bed, or you use it add style to your wrap dresses and tailored jackets, a lacy silk or rayon camisole is a fashion essential for the modern woman's wardrobe. To make sure that this flirty top fits well, opt for newer styles that feature a high percentage of spandex or Lycra and have bra-like adjustable straps. A camisole is a versatile wardrobe option, but you should resist wearing this garment as a top in workplace and business situations.

Wear the right bra. A comfortable bra makes you look and feel confident in your camisole. Get measured for a strapless bra at a lingerie shop, and try several on until you find one that fits the best and has good support.

Go casual in a camisole for weekends. Wear a camisole with a built-in bra for the most comfort. Choose one in a casual fabric, such as a ribbed knit. Pair with jeans and sandals or layer under a hoodie or cardigan for cooler weather.

Add a touch of femininity to your office wardrobe by wearing a camisole underneath a suit or tailored jacket. To look professional and polished, avoid camisoles featuring leopard print, lace or any other types of fabrics or patterns that may resemble lingerie.

Look hot while clubbing in a camisole. If you are going out straight after work, pair a sexy one with a pencil skirt or slacks. Because clubs are the appropriate places for lace and other sexy frills, turn your day wear into evening wear by removing your jacket.


Dress up in a camisole by pairing a tasteful top with a straight skirt or slacks.