How to Use the S-Curl Gel Alone

By LeafTV Editor

Luster Products is an African-American owned company that produces and distributes several lines of products for African hair. The company's "Pink Brand" comprises products designed for women, while their "S-Curl" products are designed for men. While you can use Luster Products' S-Curl Styling Gel in conjunction with other S-Curl merchandise, it is very simple to use alone as the primary styling product for short cuts and waves.

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How To Use The S Curl Gel Alone


Purchase S-Curl Styling Gel online or from a retail store. If you are unsure where to purchase them, navigate to the Luster Product website, where you can search for store near you. See the Resources section.

Open the jar of S-Curl Gel by twisting the top off.

Take a small amount of S-Curl Styling Gel in the palm of your hand.

Rub your hands together to distribute the styling gel evenly.

Use your hands to apply the S-Curl Styling Gel throughout your hair. S-Curl gel adds shine to the hair while also holding it in place.

Wash your hands thoroughly, using soap and warm water to remove any remaining hair gel.

Reapply Luster Products' S-Curl Styling Gel every three or four days for optimal styling control.