Make up

There are times when, believe it or not, looking young is a liability. As a professional attempting to establish credibility in a career or as an authority figure trying to command respect, you may find that your youthful face does not convey credibility or authority. Make-up can help fix this.

Use makeup to create contours. One of the features that makes a face look young is fullness or roundness of the face. Using blush on the cheeks to create contour can add a few years to your appearance. To do this, brush a slightly darker blush to the skin under your cheekbones to make your cheeks look slightly sunken in and a lighter blush to the top of your cheekbone to give the appearance that it is more prominent.

Using coverstick and blush to create a thinner nose or more prominent areas on the face will also add contours. To thin the nose, simply brush flesh tone colored blush or bronzer one shade darker than your own skin tone on the sides of your nose, and apply a lighter colored coverstick to the bridge of your nose. You can also apply blush or bronzer to your chin to mask the youthful look of a small double chin.

Wear dark lipstick. Dark lipstick will make you look older than a light colored lipstick. Make sure that you use a lip pencil to line your lips before applying the dark lipstick so that the lipstick doesn’t bleed.

Dark eyebrows and lashes take away some youthfulness. Many young women have barely there colored eyebrows and eyelashes. By applying eyebrow pencil to your eyebrows and mascara to your eyelashes, you can look slightly older. When applying eyebrow pencil, be sure to make it look natural, and to use one the same shade or only slightly darker than your natural hair color. You should never choose a pencil in a lighter color than your hair. Mascara can be applied in a very dark color in contrast to your hair.

Cover acne. Acne can make an adult look like a teenager. Using foundation and coverstick to hide the acne can make you look more mature.


  • Make-up should enhance your existing features and be applied to look as natural as possible.