How to Use a Scrunchie

By LeafTV Editor

Scrunchies are hair accessories that are great for all kinds of uses. Using different colored, textured and patterned scrunchies allow you to always choose one that best fits your occasion. They're easy to use and a quick way to add character to almost any hairstyle.

Red scrunchie
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How To Use A Scrunchie

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Create a hair style. It's best to use standard hair ties when styling your hair, and then using a scrunchie as a decoration. When you use scrunchies to provide hold or security, they look stretched out, and some don't have elasticity at all. Style your hair in braids, a ponytail or a bun.

Position your scrunchie. Place the scrunchie loosely around your bun, at the tip of your ponytail or at the bottom of your braids.

Secure your scrunchie. With one hand, hold the core of your hairstyle in place. Using your free hand, pull the scrunchie to one side, pulling away all excess material. Twist the scrunchie in a half circle, while still pulling to one side. There should now be a newly created circle within the scrunchie. Fold the circle you've created over your hair to overlap the part of your scrunchie that is already around your hair.

Repeat the securing process. All scrunchies are different in size and material. Continue overlapping the scrunchie until you have reached the desired appearance.