How to Use a Bobby Pin

By Contributing Writer

Bobby pins are easy, discreet options for keeping an updo or sleek style in place. Use a few or many, depending on the complexity of the look, and it will still be hard to spot them in your hair.

Step 1

Choose a set of bobby pins that fit the style you are going for. There are many things to consider, including your hair type, hair color and thickness. They make bobby pins to suit almost any 'do, including pale and dark shades, pins with rubber grips, and thicker pins for thick hair. Choose a set that fits your needs.

Step 2

Begin your style by positioning your hair as you want it to stay. Hold it in place while you pick up a bobby pin.

Step 3

Hold the bobby pin between your thumb and forefinger. Open it slightly using your middle finger. You can also open it slightly using your mouth, but be careful not to slip and hurt yourself.

Step 4

Push the bobby pin into your hair where you need it to stay in place. The hair that needs to be held should be between the two sides of the pin. When you've pushed it into place, release the pin so that the sides come together. Do not yet release your hair.

Step 5

Gently begin to release the hair you're holding, but not completely. If it stays in place, you can let go. If it is loose, hold it and insert a bobby pin to the other side, crossing over the original pin. When in place, the pins will form an "X."

Step 6

Continue inserting bobby pins throughout your hair to hold everything you wish to stay in place.

Step 7

If you need extra styling tools, use a comb or brush, hair ties or styling sprays for positioning and hold.