Coffee maker Type geyser and black colored coffee cup, with coffee beans and freshly ground coffee in a spoon

Starbucks sells its own brand of coffee maker for home use with a thermal container to keep the coffee hot after brewing. Better known as the Barista Aroma Thermal coffee maker, this drip coffee maker will not produce a cup of espresso, but it does brew coffee through a drip process. Various models of the Barista Aroma differ only in the size of the thermal carafe and they all have the same usage instructions.

Open the top of the coffee maker to access the filter basket on Solo models of the Barista Aroma or pull the filter basket latch to unlock the basket and swing the arm out to access the filter for larger models of the Barista Aroma.

Pour 2 tbsp. of medium grind coffee grounds into the filter basket for every 6 oz. of water. For instance, if you want to make six servings, use 12 tbsp. of ground coffee.

Fill the thermal carafe with water to the desired number of servings, and pour the water into the water reservoir at the top of the coffee maker.

Set the brewing lid onto the thermal carafe and place it under the spout on the warmer in the coffee maker.

Close the lid or swing the basket closed and plug in the coffee maker into an electrical outlet.

Push “On/Off” to start brewing and allow it to brew until the coffee maker beeps to indicate that brewing has completed. Leave the coffee pot on the warmer for up to five hours following brewing, after which the coffeemaker turns off the warmer plate under the carafe.

Press the tab on top of the thermal carafe lid to open the carafe for pouring the coffee.

Unplug the machine after using.