How do I Grind Coffee With a Vita-Mix Blender?

By Jen Mayer

A Vitamix blender can produce a ground coffee suitable for brewing and extracting. The exact shape of the ground coffee is not as precise as you would get from a high-end burr grinder. The Vitamix grinds coffee with the same variable-sized grind achieved with standard low-end coffee grinders. It is possible to produce grinds using the Vitamix for all the standard brewing methods, from French press to automatic drip coffee maker. Use the dry-blade container to grind coffee as it's designed for this purpose. Although you can use the wet-blade container, results won't be as good.


Step 1

Measure out 2 cups of roasted coffee beans.

Step 2

Set the left switch on the Vitamix blender to "Variable," the middle dial to the number "3." Check your owners manual because the settings may vary among models.

Step 3

Add the beans and secure the top of the dry-blade container.

Step 4

Turn on the blender and process for 15 seconds to reach a level of grind suitable for a standard drip coffee or French press. Further processing at the same speed for longer will produce a finer grade coffee suitable for espresso or Turkish coffee.