Coffee beans
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Nothing is better than a fresh cup of coffee made from fresh ground beans. The Cuisinart coffee grinder allows coffee lovers to grind their beans at home in small quantities. While the Cuisinart coffee grinder is built to last a lifetime, it may need special attention at times when it malfunctions. Keeping the grinder clean and well maintained can help preserve the integrity of the unity. Fixing the Cuisinart coffee grinder is easy and can save you the trouble and money of having to buy another one.

Thoroughly Clean It

Thoroughly cleaning the Cuisinart coffee grinder may do the trick. If the grinder has not been maintained and cleaned after each use, it can easily build up excess coffee grinds in the turning mechanism at the base of the blade. Use a damp cloth to remove any excess coffee particles and oils from the stainless steel grinding bowl. Use a sharp object such as a toothpick to get in the small areas of the grinding blades and remove any compacted coffee grounds. Fill the grinder with dry raw rice. Grind the rice for 30 seconds and remove the ground rice for a cleaner, scoured grinder.

Check the Electrical Components

Check the electrical components of the grinder with a multi-tester. Make sure the grinder is unplugged before checking the electrical components of the machine. With a flathead screwdriver or a butter knife, pry the bottom of the Cuisinart coffee grinder from the base of the machine. The main motor is found in this compartment and will easily fall out once it’s separated from the body. Use a multi-tester to check the circuits in the base. Each one should be a closed circuit. If you find that it is not responding, you may have to replace the circuit or call Cuisinart to see if it’s under the warranty. Check that the power cord is not damaged.

Check Parts

Check all the parts of the grinder. Check the on/off switch to make sure it is connected and operating properly. Many times the operating button can get coffee grounds lodged in the switch, causing it to malfunction. You can use pressurized air to clean any grounds out if that’s the case. Look at the blades inside the grinder. If the blades vibrate when you push the grind button, then the blades may be bent or the motor may be clogged.