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Bamix hand-held blenders have interchangeable steel utensil attachments for a variety of blending and mixing tasks. The lower half of the appliance comprises a drive shaft and a blade system. If the unit stops working, you can troubleshoot and fix basic problems yourself. The manufacturer recommends that you do not invalidate your product warranty by opening the sealed unit and attempting a mechanical repair. If the problem persists, contact Bamix to find an approved repair center.

Look for signs of obstruction around the blades and visible part of the rotary mechanism. If you do not clean the blender efficiently after each use, food particles can build up and become trapped inside, causing your Bamix to stop working.

Fill a jug with hot water and soak the lower half of your Bamix for 10 minutes to loosen unseen residue on the blades and drive shaft. Do not immerse the upper part of the blender that houses the electrical parts and motor mechanism. Keep water away from the power switch.

Leave your Bamix in the jug and plug the blender in. Switch it to the second speed setting. If excess residue around the blades and shaft caused the problem, the appliance should now operate normally.

Unplug the blender, remove it from the water and dry it thoroughly. If your Bamix is not working, additional food deposits may be hampering the moving parts. If you do not use your appliance regularly, trapped food particles harden inside the drive shaft and you may not be able to remove them by soaking alone.

Hold the top of the blender in one hand and use the pliers to gently rotate the shaft a quarter turn and free the mechanism. The manufacturer recommends this course of action if the blender still does not work after you immerse it in hot water.

Plug in the Bamix and switch it to the lowest speed setting. If there is no response, your blender may have a mechanical fault that requires the attention of a qualified electrician. Refer to your product warranty to find your nearest Bamix approved service center, and contact one of its representatives for advice.