Carton of eggs
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While boiling eggs is usually reserved for the stove or microwave, there is an often overlooked appliance that can get the job done: the coffee maker. Hard-boiling eggs in a coffee maker might seem crazy to some people, but to others, particularly those who travel a great deal, it becomes something of a necessity. People whose jobs require them to live out of a suitcase and hotel room sometimes quickly tire of restaurant food and begin to crave simple, home-cooked food that they can prepare themselves. A dish as simple as hard-boiled eggs is easy to produce in a coffee maker.

Add the number of eggs that you would like to eat to the glass pitcher of the coffee maker. Some hotel rooms only supply their guests with mini-coffee makers, which probably will hold only two eggs. A standard, 12-cup coffee maker should hold four to six eggs. Make sure you put the eggs into the glass pitcher very gently. You don't want them to crack and make a mess.

Put fresh water into the reservoir of the coffee maker and close the lid. Make sure the coffee maker is plugged in and press the "on" button. Allow the hot water to drip slowly over the eggs until they are completely submerged.

Leave the eggs in the glass pitcher for 10 to 12 minutes after they become fully submerged in hot water. Carefully pour the hot water into a sink, and pour cold water over the hard-boiled eggs to cool them.


In step three, if you cook the eggs for five to six minutes you'll get soft-boiled eggs.