Hard-boiled egg cut and piled and with shell

1. Fill the microwaveable cooking dish with enough water to cover the eggs with at least an inch of water, but don't put the eggs in the water yet. 2. Add about a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of salt. This will keep the eggs from cracking and will make them easier to peel. 3. Place the container of water in the microwave and heat it to a full boil. 4. Remove the container of boiling water from the microwave and place the eggs carefully in the water. Cover the container with a plate to keep the heat in, and to keep the mess contained if an egg explodes. 5. Return the container to the microwave oven and set the oven on low or low-medium. Cook the eggs for eight minutes. 6. Take the container of eggs out of the microwave oven and let the eggs stand in the hot water for another eight to 10 minutes, depending how "done" you want them. 7. Let the eggs cool enough to handle, and then peel and eat them. If you want to save them for later use, don't peel them, but store them in the refrigerator.