Soft-boiled eggs have a cooked, opaque white and a runny yolk. Timing is important to get both elements of the egg cooked to perfection. As with the hard-boiled egg, eggs with soft yolks are peeled before eating, but technique is important. You don’t want to tear the tender white and have the yolk run out. Peel your soft-boiled eggs carefully.

Things You'll Need

Boil your egg to the soft-boiled stage, timing carefully.

Fill a bowl with water and ice.

Remove the egg from the pan with a spoon and place it into the bowl with ice-cold water. This will stop the egg from cooking further and cause the egg to separate somewhat from the shell, making the peeling process easier.

Tap the egg in various places around the shell, either against the sink or counter, or with the handle of a kitchen knife. Be very gentle and leave the white intact.

Hold the egg with the cracked shell under a faucet with running water and peel away the shell carefully. The white of a soft-boiled egg is solid, yet fragile.

Serve the peeled soft-boiled egg.


  • Cook a standard large egg four minutes for a soft-boiled egg.

  • Serve the soft-boiled egg with toast to dip into the runny yolk.