How to Cook Over-Easy Eggs in a Microwave

By Jeffrey Brian Airman

For a simple, protein-rich breakfast, over-easy eggs are a great choice. No need to even light up the stove—you can cook them up quickly in the microwave if you'd like.

How to Cook Over-Easy Eggs in a Microwave
credit: Magone/iStock/GettyImages
How to Cook Over-Easy Eggs in a Microwave

Step 1

Grease a shallow microwave-safe dish with oil or butter.

Step 2

Crack the egg into the dish.

Step 3

Pierce the center of the yolk with the very tip of a toothpick to break the surface tension and prevent an explosion in the microwave.

Step 4

Season the egg with salt and pepper.

Step 5

Cover the dish with a piece of plastic wrap to trap steam so the egg cooks evenly on the top and bottom.

Step 6

Microwave the egg at half power for approximately 2 minutes or until the egg white on top is nearly cooked. Let the egg sit covered until the whites become opaque and the yolk has just begun to thicken.

Step 7

Remove the plastic wrap carefully by lifting a corner and venting the steam away from your hand. Gently slide the egg onto a plate.