Coffee machine making coffee

Follow directions when using your Proctor-Silex coffeemaker from Hamilton Beach to make a proper carafe of coffee. The coffeemaker allows you to make up to 12 cups of coffee and you can choose different styles with different functions. The basic model has auto pause and serve, which enables you to get a cup of coffee while the coffee is still brewing. One version has auto shut-off for people who tend to forget to shut off their coffeemaker, a convenient feature. Some versions come with programmable clocks so you can program the time the night before when you want the coffee to start brewing in the morning.

Clean the coffeemaker before first use by first placing the empty coffee carafe on the hot plate with closed lid. Pour a pint of white vinegar through the reservoir in back of the server basket on top, plug the coffeemaker in and turn it on. Turn it off after 30 seconds and wait 30 minutes with vinegar in the coffeemaker. Turn the coffeemaker back on, let it run through a brew cycle and turn it off when it’s finished. Take the carafe and rinse it out. Brew two more cycles each of a carafe of cold tap water. Turn off when done brewing the two cycles; wash out the carafe and brew basket.

Place the brew basket in the brew basket well with thumb handle at the left opening until it is sitting correctly.

Place a paper or permanent-style filter in the brew basket. The filter is a cupcake-style filter.

Measure a level scoop per cup and put into the filter basket. A scoop comes with the coffeemaker.

Fill the carafe with water for the number of cups you want and pour into the reservoir in back of the filter.

Put the carafe onto the hot plate with lid closed and turn the switch on. You will see the switch light up that indicates your coffeemaker is on.

When you are done with the coffeemaker, turn the switch off and unplug.


Set the time on your digital coffeemaker clock if you have this version by pressing H to set the hour and M to set the minutes. It will show if it's am or pm. Set automatic brew if you have that feature by first filling the desired amount of water and coffee into the coffeemaker and placing the carafe on the hot plate with lid closed. Be sure the clock is set at the right time. Set hour and minutes while holding down the program button. When you have the right time, let go of all buttons and push the Auto button. The green light by Auto will come on to show you that it is set. Cancel automatic brew by pressing Auto again.


Return the carafe to the hot plate within 20 seconds when using the pause-and-serve feature because hot water will start to drip through the coffeemaker again. Don't set the hot carafe on another surface besides the hot plate. Do not use if the cord looks damaged. If the server basket overflows, unplug and let cool before taking it out.