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You no longer have to wait until you are at a restaurant or bakery for a cup of espresso or cappuccino. You can make it at home with the Mr. Coffee ECM 250, espresso and cappuccino maker. This machine allows you to make from one to four cups of espresso or cappuccino, and it comes with a frothing aid to give you extra foam for a cappuccino. Mr. Coffee has made it possible to get you fancy beverages in just three to five minutes.

Brewing Espresso

Turn the selector knob to "Off."

Fill the glass carafe with cold water. For one cup, fill water up to the one-cup line. For two cups, fill water up to two-cup line.

Remove the water tank cap and pour water in. Replace the cap tightly.

Turn the filter handle slightly to the left to release the filter holder. Put the filter basket inside the filter holder.

Fill filter basket with finely ground coffee. Fill up to the one-cup, two-cup, three-cup or four-cup line. Do not go above the four-cup line. Wipe any coffee grinds from the sides of the basket.

Put the filter holder under the brew head. Move the handle of the brew head to the right so that the filter holder is back in its original location and is in place securely.

Place the drip grid on the drip tray.

Place the open carafe on the drip tray. This is where the coffee is going to drip.

Move selector knob to the "Cup" symbol. The light will go on showing that the machine is ready.

When the coffee stops flowing, turn the knob to "Off." Unplug the machine.

Brewing Cappuccino

Brew espresso as indicated in steps one through eight above. Steps nine and ten are different when you are making a cappuccino.

Fill a pitcher of skim or 2 percent milk and put it next to the coffee machine.

Turn selector knob to "Cup." In about three minutes the espresso will begin coming out. Once the espresso gets to the steaming symbol on the carafe, turn the knob to "Off."

Put pitcher of milk under the frothing tube. The tube should only be touching the top portion of the milk.

Turn knob to "Steam" and start moving the pitcher in a circular motion. When milk has frothed, put the frothing tube in a bit deeper to heat the milk.

Add steamed milk and frothy foam to espresso.

Unplug the machine and leave to cool.


Do not remove the filter holder until the machine has cooled. Coffee is hot, keep away from children.