cappuccino cup

The Schiuma milk frother is a hand-held accessory from Bodum Company, an international business that designs and produces coffee and tea units. The Schiuma frother works to create whipped milk or cream for lattes and cappuccino. Distributor Seattle Coffee Gear describes the unit as a 10-inch, stainless steel wand that sits inside a container. Frothing is not limited to milk: You can use the Schiuma milk frother to whip salad dressing or make shakes.

Turn the unit over so the wand section, the part that sits inside the container and turns, is pointing downward.

Press the latch, or clip, that holds the cover over the battery compartment in place with your finger to access the battery area. The clip sits toward the outside rim of the base. Press the clip inward to disengage the latch. Pull the cover off and set it aside.

Examine the battery compartment. There are two slots, one for each battery. Slide one battery, with the flat end onto the spring, into the compartment. Push gently until the battery pops into place.

Repeat the installation for the second battery. Place the flat end on the spring side and push until the battery is secure.

Slide the cover back into place. Slip the tab on the cover into the slot on the base of the frother. Press down until the latch takes hold. You will feel a click when the cover is set.


  • Test the unit by pressing the on button on the side. If the wand fails to spin, you probably have the batteries installed incorrectly. Reopen the cover and turn the batteries over. The knob on the battery should be nearest to the "+" sign. The flat edge goes near the "-" label on the compartment.