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Baggy jeans, once wildly popular in the 1990s, have since gone out of fashion. Tight or skinny jeans are, as of 2010, showcased in fashion magazines, worn by celebrities and generally considered more desirable. It's not necessary to throw out your pairs of baggy jeans and spend money on tighter, new jeans. You can easily covert them to skinny jeans yourself in under an hour.

Turn your pair of baggy jeans inside out, put them on and zip them up. Sit down so that your legs are extended and the pant legs are fully straightened out.

Grab the excess material from the inner part of your pant leg, starting at the very bottom, and pinch it between your fingers. Test the tightness. You want the denim to feel tight, but not too tight, against your leg.

Draw a line from the bottom of your pant leg, marking where this excess material begins, and continue the line up to the crotch of your pants. Repeat with the other pant leg. Make sure that the line you draw isn't too close to your legs, making the jeans too tight, or too far away from your legs, making the jeans slightly baggy. When you're done, take off the jeans and lay them on a flat surface. The lines you've drawn should look like an upside down \"V\" marking off excess denim.

Thread your needle with strong thread. Starting from the bottom of your pant leg, make small, tight stitches up to the crotch of your pants, following the line you drew. Don't begin sewing the other pant leg until you've put your leg through this first one and checked the level of tightness. You may need to go back and make adjustments. When satisfied, repeat with the other pant leg.

Try on the jeans, once you've finished sewing the final pant leg. Look in the mirror and assess how they appear. Sit down in them and assess how they feel. If everything looks and feels good, cut away the excess material with sharp scissors.


In step 4, you want to make sure that the pant hole is wide enough to fit your foot.

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