Essential Oil

Vitamin E oil is effective in treating many conditions, including burns. Vitamin E oil can help heal minor burns that do not require medical treatment--quickly and with minimal scarring. Vitamin E's antioxidant properties moisturize and soothe the burned area. It also has some antibiotic properties, which make it safe to apply to blistered skin and effective in preventing infection.

Fill a deep bowl with cool (but not cold) water. Soak the burned area in the water for a minimum of 30 minutes, refilling the bowl with cool water if necessary.

Pat the burned area dry with a soft towel. Be gentle, but make sure the area isn't moist, as vitamin E oil is best absorbed by dry surfaces.

Dribble vitamin E oil onto the burn and gently rub it in. Apply as much as the skin will absorb.

Bandage the burn with soft gauze and secure the bandage with medical tape.

Repeat the treatment twice daily, or as often as necessary, until the burn has healed.


  • If vitamin E oil isn't available, purchase vitamin E supplements instead. The capsules have a vitamin E gel in them; just break open the capsule and squeeze the gel onto the burn.