Vitamin E oil, exfoliating salt and a loofah

If you have a scar, then you may already be treating it with vitamin E oil or another scar-removal serum to make it disappear more quickly. However, if you are not washing it correctly, that scar could take months or even years longer to vanish than it has to. Proper bathing and application of treatments can take years off the life of your scar.

Exfoliate your scar regularly. You can do so as often as every three days. This removes dead, discolored skin cells that actually form your scar and makes the new skin cells easier to see. Use the gentle exfoliating cleanser and a loofah along with firm pressure. Do not scrape your skin, and if your scar is on your face use a soft cloth instead of the loofah.

Pat the area dry. Massaging an ointment into moist skin can lead to you just rubbing the ointment around rather than getting full absorption.

Massage the vitamin E oil into the scar. Use your fingertips -- be careful not to scratch yourself -- to push the oil into the scarred area. Rub along the length of the scar and perpendicular to it until the oil is completely absorbed. You can do this twice or even three times a day as long as the skin in the area remains clear and is not broken out or irritated.


  • This strategy also works for stretch marks.