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Burns from a welding torch are painful and treatment should begin immediately to stop the burn and start the healing process. Here are some steps to follow in case of a burn from a welding torch.

Immediately apply cool, running water over the burn for two to three minutes. Cool water stops the burning inside skin tissues.

Apply cold packs to the burn. Wrap several ice cubes or a small bag of frozen vegetables in a clean rag or towel and place on the burn. The cold pack helps relieve pain and further halts the burn process.

Clean the area gently with soap and water. Apply an over-the-counter burn cream to help relieve pain and soften the burn as it crusts and scabs over.

Apply bandage dressings to the burn to protect it from infection. Dressings should be loose and secured with medical tape found at the drugstore.

Take non-prescription medications such as ibuprofen to relieve pain.

Apply sunscreen to a burn that is almost healed when you're out in the sun. UV rays from the sun may aggravate burns that are still healing.


See your doctor if the burn covers a large area of skin or has penetrated deep into skin tissues as you may risk infection. Your doctor will examine and clean the burn and prescribe or recommend medications.

Avoid wearing tight clothing over healing burns. Tight clothes rub and irritate healing skin. Do not apply butter to burns as you risk infection.


Picking at a burn scab can promote scarring and infection. Allow the scab to fall off during a shower or bath as water runs over it.