How to Tell Real From Fake Rock & Republic Jeans

By LeafTV Editor

Rock & Republic jeans have become synonymous with style and fashion over the past few years. Worn by many celebrities, these jeans are a "must-have" for fashion insiders. But with style comes a hefty price tag: Rock & Republic jeans sometimes retail for as much as $400 and up. The demand for these jeans has spurred an industry of fakes and knockoffs, which are passed off as real to unsuspecting consumers. However, being an educated customer will help you tell a fake from the real deal.

Stacked fashion blue jeans
credit: ChamilleWhite/iStock/GettyImages
How To Tell Real From Fake Rock Republic Jeans


Examine the tag on the jeans. If the tag is powder blue with a silver ball chain, it is a fake.

Look at the crystals on the back pockets, if there are any. The crystals should be well placed on the jeans. Crystals that appear to be falling off or not precisely placed are a dead giveaway that the jeans you're looking at are fake.

Take a look at the R on the back of the jeans. The top part of the R should always be very exaggerated where it comes to a point at the end. If the R seems a little bit flat or too curved, the jeans are fake.

Examine the rivets and buttons. Rivets on authentic Rock & Republic jeans are flat and dull. Also, both rivets and buttons are engraved with two R's facing away from each other.

Look inside the jeans. There should be two labels, a size tag and a care tag.

Consider where the seller is located. Many fakes are manufactured in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Although this isn't always a giveaway for a fake, take it into consideration along with other factors.

If purchasing online, look at the picture the seller is using. If the seller is using a photo directly from the Rock & Republic website, ask to see a snapshot of the actual jeans that will be sold to you.