Hair like fire.

In the 1978 film "Superman," Clark Kent parted his hair on the right, while his alter ego, Superman, parted it on the left. History attests that people can't just switch their hair part without widespread analysis: Former President Jimmy Carter famously switched his from right to left, and Hillary Clinton got attention when she changed hers from left to right. So, how to make such a defining choice? Your hair growth and facial features can help you figure it out.

Check Your Cowlick

Look at the back of your head where your hair forms a spiral in the direction of your hair growth. If your cowlick spins in a clockwise direction, the part should be on the left. Counterclockwise swirls indicate that a right part works best. If you have a double cowlick, you can go either way.

Create Facial Symmetry

Most faces are not perfectly symmetrical, so identify on which half of your face your eyes, nose, lips, or cheeks appear smaller and part your hair on the same side. A center part calls attention to facial irregularity, so choose a deep or off-center side part to give the illusion of symmetry.

Go Au Naturel

Discover the part that nature gave you. Whether your hair is curly, wavy, or stick-straight, you can find it by wetting your hair and combing it forward from the crown. Wait a few moments, and your natural part will appear where your hair separates the most.