How to tease and create big Scene Emo girl hair

By LeafTV Contributor

Scene girls often dress scene but always question on how to create the big poofy teased hairstyle. That's why I am here to help. Read this how to article and try teasing your very own hair resulting in a gorgeous scene girl hairdo.

Cute teased Scene girl hairstyle

Step 1

Teased Scene hair is really easy to create and takes only about 10 minutes of your time. Make sure your hair was just washed, It is hard to tease greasy hair. If you don't have layers next time you get your hair cut get a lot of medium and short length layers to make your teased hair turn out better.


Step 2

First thing that is needed to be done is to straighten your entire head of hair, If you don't already have straight hair. Then section your hair into decent sized pieces that are easy to work with. Starting with the first layers of hair at the very top of your scalp line, grab one section at a time. Spray it with hairspray then begin combing your hair backwards from the tip of that section you grabbed all the way to the root. Repeat this a couple of times to each section. Once you've teased the first row of hair your going to pin it up and repeat this about one or two more times underneath that layer of hair. Be sure to spray every strand with hairspray right before you begin to tease it. After teasing two to three layers of hair pull it back down normally out of your face gently with your hands. If your hair isn't big enough for you simply go back over, Add more hairspray, And repeat the teasing process again. If it is big enough for you spray down your whole head with hair spray for extra hold then brush the top layer of teased hair gently to keep your hair from looking like a tangled mess.


Step 3

Your hair is now complete. Remember for the ultimate scene girl hairstyle add accessories to your finished hairdo like a pretty large or small bow. By following all instructions on this how to I guarantee you will learn to tease hair like a pro in no time.