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Throughout his lifetime, Michael Jackson has rocked some pretty hot hair styles-literally. On the set of a Pepsi commercial in 1984, his Jheri curl caught fire when a spark from a nearby light display landed on his head. New-millennium Michael, however, has kept his hair fairly straight; and as with all things Michael Jackson, his hair is a style all its own.

Blow-dry your hair upside-down to add volume to the roots. Jackson's hair is fullest at the top and gradually thins into carefully razored wisps at the ends.

Curl ends under with a large barrel brush. Although Jackson appears to straighten his naturally-curly hair, he never styles it stick-straight. There are always subtle waves at the end of each layer.

Sweep short layers around your face inwards towards your cheekbones. Back in the day, Jackson would peer through a veil of long curls draped over his face. His modern-day hairstyle still obscures his face slightly, but not to the same extreme.

Apply a smoothing serum to finish the look. Jackson's black hair has a lacquered look, which you can achieve with a touch of serum smoothed lightly on the top layer.


  • Don't make a visible or extreme part in your hair. Jackson does have a slight side, or sometimes middle, part to his hair, but he makes it with very fine crisscross motions rather than an extreme part.

  • If all else fails, wear a wig. Some people speculate that Jackson does the same.