Glowing disco ball with stars.

Whether you're dressing up for Halloween, attending a themed party or simply in the mood for a throwback look, the perfect hair style can help any woman achieve just the right 1970s disco flair. While most people commonly associate '70s hairstyles with big and over-the-top dos, some of the hairstyles from that era actually showed restraint.


One of the most popular looks in the '70s stemmed from "Charlie's Angels" television star Farrah Fawcett. Known as the feathered look, or Farrah Hair, this popular hairdo became something of a pop culture phenomenon. This all-around big hair look featured even bigger curled out portions of hair that framed the face, almost single-handedly symbolizing 1970s hairstyles in the process.

Straight Hair

Another popular '70s hairstyle frequently seen on the disco floor featured women with long straight hair and a part down the middle. Although you might use a straight iron to achieve the look, you could also simply blow dry your hair flat. Women in the '70s added little to no product to this hairstyle as they aimed to achieve the natural look.


Afros served as another iconic '70s hairstyle. Although originally an African-American style exclusively, Americans of all ethnicities adopted their own versions of this hairstyle during this era. This high-maintenance hairdo first required the wearer to grow out their hair. The next step involved women braiding or curling their hair to achieve a frizzy state. The final look of the afro featured a rounded, frizzy and ball-like appearance perched high above the head. Many women topped off the whole look by placing a hair pick in the midst of the afro.

Bob Cut

Although bob cuts may be commonly associated with the 1920s, they actually experienced a comeback in the 1970s. However, whereas bob cuts in the '20s remained distinctly short (typically ending near the earlobes), '70s bobs varied in length, some running more than half-way down the neck and completely covering the ears. Women normally wore their bobs with the ends curled up and under.

Wavy Do

While large volume hair became something of a trademark in the 1970s, women also enjoyed adding wavy curls to that big hairdo with a simple waving iron suppling the perfect curl. Generally worn with the hair down and a part in the middle, women could hit the disco with this sexy and purposely disheveled look.