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Though he sported an array of outlandish wigs in Phil Spector, a more subdued spectrum of hairstyles have defined the majority of Al Pacino's career. Throughout his more than four decades in the spotlight, you'll find a wide variety of inspiring hairstyles that range in length, complexity and all-around dapperness, but each look helps you nail that signature Pacino essence, a vibe that's sleek, masculine and more than a bit edgy.

Say Hello to My Little Caesar

On the short end of the spectrum, Pacino's Scarface-era Caesar cut has become iconic. After requesting a Caesar from your stylist -- don't forget the subtly pointed sideburns, and be sure to ask for a Caesar that's a few centimeters longer than average -- you can achieve this look at home by finger-styling with a dab of matte texurizer, which lends you a bit of a messy look. The classic Caesar isn't just for Cuban kingpins; as its namesake implies, this style has been worn for thousands of years and suits virtually any style of dress.

The Shaggy Look

A feathered shag cut with an asymmetrical part defined Pacino's vibrant take on Frank Serpico, worn natural and without product. For an easygoing, independent touch, embrace the full-but-well-trimmed beard that goes with this style. While shoulder-length in Serpico, the actor has often sported a shaggy medium-length look, which you can adopt if you have thick hair and seek something more versatile. Take a look at Dog Day Afternoon for a peek at Pacino's medium-length, layered shag.

Medium-Length Mafioso

During his tenure as Michael Corleone in the Godfather series, a slicked-back, medium length style was Pacino's signature. For this look -- best saved for more formal attire -- you'll need a thick, straight coif brushed back with a fine-toothed comb and a liberal dose of oil-based pomade. With a bit of unisex styling serum and a light touch with a hair dryer, you can comb the cut up and back with a wavy part to emulate his look in Carlito's Way and Heat, which is bit more formal but still has an edge.

Aging Gracefully

As Pacino began to slide past middle age and welcome a little gray into his signature jet-black mane, he embraced a piecey look that's flat and layered on the sides and spiky on top, often complemented by a traditionally styled goatee. This low-maintenance, devil-may-care look particularly suits older men, and can be styled with little fuss using your fingers and matte styling paste. In addition to real life, Pacino's messy do has also appeared in films such as Any Given Sunday and Stand Up Guys.