Have you wanted to emphasize your curves? If you would like to add a bit to your bust size, you can do it easily by stuffing your bra without an expensive shopping trip. Making your own bra pads from old or new pantyhose is easy and can let you handle bra stuffing with ease.

Start with the right bra. The bra should be a bit big through the cups, but not more than a cup size larger than your actual breast size. A molded cup under-wire bra is a better choice than lace or something without substantial structure. The bra straps should fit snuggly. Bra pads can slip easily. A darker color may provide slightly more coverage than a light one. Bras that reveal much of the breast or bras with a deep plunge are more apt to lead to awkward and uncomfortable accidents than a slightly higher cut, full coverage bra.

Gather your stuffing materials. While socks, washcloths and other heavy fabrics are commonly used for stuffing your bra, these are much more apt to be bulky and look unnatural. The least expensive and most effective bra stuffing material is one many women have available. The legs of inexpensive pantyhose or nylons work effectively as bra stuffing and are quite inexpensive. Legs with runs or other flaws will work fine when stuffing your bra. Nylons are comfortable next to your skin, will not bunch up and absorb sweat.

Create a padded shape, aiming for an oval with slightly pointed ends, by folding the pantyhose legs when you are ready to start stuffing your bra. Rolling or balling up the nylons will create a much lumpier end result. Careful folding will be the most comfortable and natural looking. You might even take a needle and thread and secure your new bra pads with a few simple stitches. The pad for your bra should fit comfortably in your bra, positioned to the bottom and toward your armpit.

Carefully settle your created bra pads into your bra before putting on the bra. Once the bra is on, bend and adjust both the padding and your breasts in your bra. The bra pad should sit under the lower half of the breast, but not reach the center of the chest wall. Ideally, the padding will extend under the breast and around to the far side of the cup. Be certain that all padding is contained within the cup of the bra and that the breast fits well into the bra.

Put on a well-fitting shirt or sweater and enjoy the new curves achieved by stuffing your bra. Make certain that your buttons are not gaping and that your bra stuffing is secure. If you are wearing a lower cut blouse or top, you might also lightly accent your cleavage with a bit of bronzer or shimmery powder.


  • If you regularly stuff your bra, consider investing in silicone cutlets instead of using pantyhose or other makeshift materials to stuff your bra.

  • A good push up bra can achieve a similar effect without as much effort.

  • Some manufacturers produce bras intended to enhance the breasts by as much as a cup size.

  • A specialty shop providing post-mastectomy supplies may have breast forms that can add more than a cup size to your breasts.