How to Store Champagne After Opening

By Angela LaFollette

Champagne forms bubbles that enhance the enjoyment of drinking it. Once you open a bottle of Champagne, the carbon dioxide releases. The bubbles eventually stop forming and the beverage loses its fizz. While you can preserve the bubbles in the short-term, you can't salvage them completely. Champagne remains fresh and safe to consume only as long as you store it properly after opening it.

Champagne with bottle
credit: oohtee/iStock/Getty Images
Store opened champagne in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

Step 1

Place a hermetic stopper cork onto the Champagne bottle immediately after you open it. "Hermetic" simply means an airtight cork. You can purchase these corks at most wine or party stores.

Step 2

Insert the long handle of a spoon into the top of the champagne bottle if you do not have a stopper cork. The long handle of the spoon helps to keep the Champagne bubbly after you open it.

Step 3

Cover the top of the champagne bottle with plastic wrap instead of using a stopper or spoon. Secure the plastic wrap in place with a rubber band. This helps to keep debris out of the bottle. Store the Champagne bottle into the refrigerator after you cover the opening until you are ready to consume it.