Investing in a wine cooler is a good idea for the avid wine drinker. Coolers can keep your wine fresh for a longer period of time compared with leaving them on a rack. Depending on the type of wine you have–red, white or both–you should set your wine cooler to very specific temperatures.

Find the temperature gauges on your wine cooler. These gauges are usually buttons that on the front of the cooler. The temperature indicator (either a digital indicator or a thermometer indicator) will display the current temperature inside the cooler. If you set a new temperature, you must wait for the cooler to reach the new temperature you have just selected.

Store white wines between 47 degrees and 55 degrees F.

Store red wines between 55 degrees and 60 degrees F.

Store rose wines between 49 degrees and 51 degrees F.

Store a mix of wines (white, red, rose) at 55 degrees F for maximum freshness of all your wines. This temperature is also good for champagnes.


  • The general rule for wine storage is to keep your wine at 55 degrees F. Of course, some enthusiasts either deviate from this rule or disagree with it entirely. Ask your local wine store about how to properly store your particular bottles of wine if you have any questions or concerns.