Toasting glasses

Cabernet Sauvignon is perhaps the most well-known red wine, appearing on dinner tables nightly throughout the world. A popular California wine, this grape variety originated in the Bordeaux region of France and has been used in wine-making for centuries. Cabernet's bold flavor is best experienced when served in a certain way. Read on to serve this wine correctly, then sit back and enjoy.

Open the bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon using a corkscrew and allow the wine to breathe for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Make sure the bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon is at room temperature before serving.

Pour the wine into large red wine glasses with wide openings. The greater the opening on the glass, the more the wine's flavor may be detected.

Store any remaining wine by corking the bottle and keeping it at room temperature. It is best to drink the Cabernet Sauvignon within 3 days.


  • Try serving the Cabernet Sauvignon with foods that have equally strong flavor and help bring out the robust taste of the wine. Some good Cabernet pairings include grilled steak, lamb, strong cheeses and chocolate.