Toast with lambrusco
Laura Ferre Moreno/iStock/GettyImages

An Italian lightly sparkling red wine, lambrusco dates back to Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire. Lambrusco ranges from sweet with a light fruity flavor to dry and floral with a clean finish. Importers introduced lambrusco to the United States in the 1970s and the inexpensive wine gained a solid share of the market. Lambrusco compliments many different foods and occasions, and wine aficionados spout various opinions on how it should be served.

Chill the bottle of Lambrusco in the refrigerator until it reaches 56 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Serve lambrusco casually at picnics, lunches and dinner parties. During a multi-wine meal, serve lambrusco in the beginning or enjoy it throughout the courses as its semi-sweet fresh flavor lends itself well to pastas, meats, cold cuts and desserts.

Pour 4 oz. of lambrusco into each glass. Wine glasses will look slightly less than half full. Depending on the size of the tumbler, it will look slightly less or slightly more than half full. Champagne flutes will look about 75 to 80 percent full.