Wine and dine

Not sure what to do with that bottle of dry wine sitting around your house? If dry wine isn't to your liking, you can sweeten it up by adding a few simple ingredients. White wine is easily turned into a light, refreshing wine spritzer and red wine makes a great main ingredient in fruity sangria.

White Wine Spritzer

Mix two parts dry white wine to one part club soda.

Add 2 ounces of your favorite flavored Schnapps.

Stir well to mix the ingredients.

Serve, over ice, in a stemmed wine glass.

Red Wine Sangria

Combine the orange juice, lemon juice and sugar in the pitcher. Stir thoroughly until all the sugar has dissolved.

Add the red wine, brandy and club soda. Stir well again to mix the flavors well.

Add ice to the pitcher and let sit for five to 10 minutes to cool the sangria.

Serve in large wine glasses.

Add an orange slice to the glass if desired.


  • Citrus-flavored Schnapps go well with white wine.

  • For sweeter red wine sangria, substitute ginger ale for the club soda.