What Can I Mix With Prosecco?

By Chance E. Gartneer

Prosecco, a favorite sparkling white wine for brunch, bachelorette parties and other boisterous bashes, is usually enjoyed by itself -- although it may be mixed into cocktails. One of the most famous Prosecco cocktails is the bellini, a peach nectar and Prosecco combo created sometime in the 1940s in Venice, Italy. Since then, mixologists have discovered many kinds of ingredients to mix with Prosecco for some truly wonderful cocktails.

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Mimosas made with Prosecco are an inexpensive alternative to Champagne.

Juicy Fruits

Sparkling wines like Prosecco make excellent bases for fruit juices. In addition to peach nectar, other juices that blend well with Prosecco include orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, tangerine juice and even pomegranate juice. A quick drink with any of these juices is to fill a champagne flute half with equal parts juice and Prosecco. For a more daring fruity Prosecco drink, try a watermelon bellini. Mix equal parts watermelon juice and Prosecco with a splash of lemon juice and a pinch of superfine sugar.

Ice Cold Treats

Prosecco mixes well with frozen dessert treats like ice cream and sorbet for some delicious after-dinner drinks. An easy ice cream cocktail is the lemon chill, which is 1 part vodka, 2 parts Prosecco and a scoop of lemon ice cream blended until the mixture is slushy. Or use gelato or sorbet in place of the ice cream. Prosecco and sorbet drinks are quite numerous. Make bellinis with peach sorbet instead of nectar or mixed berry floats, which are layers of blackberry, strawberry and lemon sorbet covered in Prosecco.

Bitter And Sweet

Bitters also blend well with Prosecco, and add a little more flavor and effervescence to the already sparkling wine. Bitters -- such as Campari and Angostura -- are low-proof but strong- tasting alcoholic beverages made from botanical ingredients that help increase appetite and aid digestion. O The Campari sparkling passion combines 2 parts each Campari and Prosecco, 1 part grapefruit juice and a splash of passionfruit puree. A simple Angostura bitters and Prosecco drink is the Prosecco cocktail, which is a sugar cube doused in bitters then topped with Prosecco.

Stronger Spirits

Prosecco and spirits like vodka and gin go together well for some tasty cocktails. A good rule for mixing liquor and Prosecco is to only mix it with clear liquors, and avoid darker ones like whiskey and Scotch. A simple and colorful vodka and Prosecco cocktail is the bloody scary, which is 1 part each Campari and simple syrup and 2 parts each vodka and blood orange juice, topped with Prosecco. A flavorful gin and Prosecco drink is the negroni di fiori, which is equal parts Campari, gin and hibiscus simple syrup topped with Prosecco.