By Jennifer Leigh

Huckleberry plants grow flavorful and sweet dark red or blue berries. Huckleberries are sometimes identified as Alaskan blueberries, bilberries, whortleberries or red huckleberries. The huckleberry is notoriously difficult to cultivate so is mainly found in the wild. Huckleberry vodka is infused with the flavor of the fruit and can be purchased or made at home by adding huckleberries to plain vodka and letting the mixture rest for a week or more.

Lemonade with berries and fruits
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Cocktails made with huckleberry vodka, berries and fresh citrus.

Huckleberry Lemonade

This summery cocktail is made by combining 1 part huckleberry vodka with 1 1/2 parts of lemonade and serving it over ice. The huckleberry vodka gives the drink a distinct berry flavor while the lemonade provides both sweetness and tartness. Try this cocktail with lemonade made with freshly squeezed lemons for additional tartness and flavor. This makes a refreshing drink for a warm summer evening.

Peter North

Combine 3 parts huckleberry vodka with 1 part of lemon-lime soda to create this shot-style drink. Add a splash of lime juice and shake with ice before straining it into shot glasses. Any variety of lemon-lime soda will work. Huckleberry vodka combines well with citrus, which allows the flavor to shine though without overpowering the vodka.


The Avalanche blends 1 part huckleberry vodka with 1 1/2 parts of sour mix for a sweet and sour cocktail served over ice, garnished with a cherry. Whiskey, gin, amaretto and tequila are classic liquors served with sour mix, but vodka can also be used to good effect. This sour vodka cocktail combines sweet berry flavor with sour citrus.

Huckleberry Hound

The Huckleberry Hound, named after the cartoon character, combines huckleberry vodka, peach schnapps and orange juice. Mix 1 part huckleberry vodka, 1 part schnapps and 3 parts of orange juice. This drink can be shaken over ice and strained into a martini glass or served on the rocks. On the rocks, a phrase often used in the bar world, means that a drink is served over ice.