Alcoholic cocktail with pear, vodka, sprite, crushed ice

Pear vodka, with its delicate, fresh flavor, is an appealing addition to your cocktail ingredient compendium. It’s ideal for adding a crisp sweetness to sparkling, summery spritzers, perfect when paired with warming spices and vanilla in an autumnal aperitif, and quite at home alongside citrus and tropical fruit flavors in all manner of mixed drinks. Most cocktails made with pear vodka benefit from some fresh fruit, particularly thinly sliced fresh pear, berries and wedges of lemon or lime, which you might add as a garnish or incorporate into the drink. What’s not to like about getting a serving of fruit at the same time as your adult beverage?

Sours, Spritzers and Simple Mixers

Pear vodka makes fantastic sours, for which you need freshly squeezed lemon, lime or grapefruit juice along with vodka and a little simple syrup or another sweetener. Try it with honey syrup (just honey dissolved in hot water) or agave, both of which work very well with the flavors of pear and citrus. Blend those components in a highball glass with some ice. You might like to cut the potency of a pear vodka sour with a splash of soda water.

Add a shot of vodka to a tall, ice-filled glass and top it up with soda water (plain or flavored), cola, lemon-lime soda or ginger ale (diet or regular) for a simple but delicious spritzer. Lemonade is a great mixer for pear vodka too. Try a pear mule, mixing the spirit with ginger beer and lime juice. Or use fruit juice – apple, orange and cranberry all work well – as a stand-alone mixer or in combination with club soda.

A dash of bitters is a good addition to any of these mixed drinks, adding complexity while also balancing sweet and sour flavors. You can also add delicious dimension to these drinks, while making them a bit boozier, by adding a shot of a flavored liqueur like almond-flavored amaretto, raspberry-flavored Chambord or orange-flavored triple sec.

Martinis and Other Classic Cocktails

There are many and varied martini recipes using pear vodka. With equal or close-to-equal parts booze and juice, pear vodka martinis pack a strong punch. Try a tropical “peartini” with pear vodka, peach schnapps, pineapple juice and lime juice, or a fresh-from-the-orchard blend of pear puree, lemon juice, simple syrup and pear vodka. The French pear martini features St. Germain, an elderflower liqueur, along with pear vodka and lemon juice. Some recipes include a splash of Champagne for a fancy touch.

Similar to a pear vodka martini is a pear cosmopolitan. The pear vodka works perfectly with the classic cocktail’s other original ingredients – lemon or lime juice, simple syrup and cranberry juice – so no other substitutions are necessary. Pear vodka can also replace the traditional tequila in a margarita made with triple sec and sweet and sour mix. Frozen margaritas made with pear vodka are especially tempting on a hot day.

Punches and Sangrias

Fruit-centric punches and sangrias are a great vehicle for pear vodka, and both are easy to prepare in big batches for a party or gathering. Both start with a punch bowl or pitcher generously filled with chopped or sliced fresh fruit and ice. Add around one shot of pear vodka per serving, depending on your desired strength, along with fruit juices, soda or a mixture of both for punch. Be sure to use some lemon or lime juice for a sour component. To make sangria, add a full bottle of wine, which would traditionally be red, but you can certainly use white or rosé, perhaps sparkling, if you prefer. Some punch and sangria recipes include a liqueur as well. To complement the pear vodka and other fruit flavors, consider triple sec, limoncello, Midori (melon) or any berry flavor liqueurs.