How to Make Prosecco Mimosas

By LeafTV Editor

Enjoy special occasions or a leisurely Sunday brunch with a delicious, bubbly Mimosa cocktail. For this drink, we use Prosecco, a well-priced Italian sparkling wine that is Italy's answer to French Champagne. Impress your friends and family at your next brunch by serving a Prosecco Mimosa using the following recipe.

Mimosa cocktail
credit: Natalia Van Doninck/iStock/GettyImages
How To Make Prosecco Mimosas


Get Started

Pour two ounces of chilled fresh orange juice into a champagne flute.

Pour four ounces of the chilled Prosecco into the flute.

Don't mix. There is no need to mix. The fizz of the sparkling wine helps to blend itself with the orange juice.

Garnish each drink with a cherry.


  • For a really cold Mimosa, chill champagne flutes