By Matthew Michael

There's nothing quite as refreshing as a cold frozen cocktail on a warm summer's day. Whether by the pool or on the beach, these frozen drinks can provide welcome relief from the hot sun. Malibu, a Caribbean rum with coconut flavor, mixes well into several frozen cocktails, ranging from pina coladas and daiquiris to more Malibu-specific cocktails.

Malibu rum easily mixes with several frozen cocktails.

Pina Coladas

A summer staple, pina coladas can be seen at nearly any pool or beach party. Th drink combines creamy and tangy tastes into one smooth drink, according to Malibu's website. The website's recipe calls for two parts Malibu rum, one part coconut cream and one part pineapple juice. The ingredients are mixed together in a blender, along with six ice cubes. Pina coladas are best served in large goblet glasses, garnished with a fresh pineapple wedge.


Along with pina coladas, daiquiris are another summer staple. One of the major appeals of the daiquiri is the drink's versatility. A daiquiri can be made with just about any fruit, but strawberry and banana are considered the most popular. A strawberry daiquiri is made with Malibu rum, lemon juice, fresh strawberries and sugar, while a banana daiquiri is made with Malibu rum, lime juice, sugar, triple sec and a banana. It is sometimes garnished with a cherry.

Malibu Milk Shake

The Malibu milk shake can be a great drink for a hot day because its ingredients are usually already available in the kitchen. According to a recipe from Drinks Mixer, simply put 4 oz. Malibu rum, 3 tbsp. sugar and ice in a blender, then fill it with milk. Blend the ingredients until the concoction is smooth, with a frothy head. You'll want to serve this drink immediately, the website said.

Malibu Pink Panther

More than just a cartoon or movie, the Pink Panther can be a tasty drink for those hot days. According to a recipe from Drinks Mixer, the Malibu Pink Panther is a blend of Malibu rum and pink lemonade. The recipe calls for half a can of frozen pink lemonade in a blender, along with 6 to 10 oz. Malibu rum and a handful or two of ice. The ingredients are blended until smooth, then the whipped cream can be added as desired, blending the ingredients again until smooth.