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At even the smallest of celebrations, a bottle of sparkling wine such as Martini & Rossi's famous Asti can make the occasion more festive. The cheerful pop of the cork, with its connotations of fun with friends, also serves as a reminder that sparkling wines shouldn't be opened with a corkscrew like typical still wines. They're carbonated and under a lot of pressure, so if you're not careful the cork can escape your grip and cause someone a painful bruise.

Chill your bottle of Martini & Rossi sparkling wine in a wine cooler or refrigerator for several hours before serving, or for approximately 20 minutes in a wine bucket filled with ice and a small quantity of cold water.

Remove the bottle from the ice bucket or refrigerator, taking care not to shake or agitate it. Point the bottle away from yourself and any others nearby.

Unwrap the foil around the cork, and remove the wire cover that holds it firmly in place.

Grasp the cork with your fingers and thumb. Slowly and carefully twist it out, making sure the bottle still is facing away from you or others. It might take a minute or two of firm twisting to pull out, so relax and take your time.

Tilt each glass toward the bottle as you pour, so you can fill it without losing too much of the wine's carbonation to excess foam. Serve the wine immediately, while it's still well-chilled and bubbling briskly.


If you have difficulty maintaining a good grip on the cork, wrap it in a clean kitchen towel and try again. Aside improving your grasp, the kitchen towel will stop or slow a runaway cork.


Never use a corkscrew to pull out the cork. It can cause the champagne bottle to explode as it's already under a lot of pressure.