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The tight, form-fitting nature of Spandex clothing is arguably its best quality or its worst, depending on your level of confidence and style sense. If you love to flaunt your body, Spandex tank tops that leave nothing to the imagination are just the trick. If you like a little more coverage, these are likely not for you. Whatever your personal preference, there is no question that saggy, stretched out Spandex or Modal is simply not stylish. Whip those tank tops back in shape with some powerful shrinking action.

Place the tank top in the washing machine. Add detergent if you would like to wash it at the same time, or just use plain water if you're just going for the shrinkage.

Turn the machine on to its hottest setting, and let it run a full cycle.

Remove the tank top from the washing machine and check to see if it has shrunk. Heat is the best tool for shrinkage, so the hot water might have done the trick. Just to be sure, head to the dryer next.

Place the tank top in the dryer and turn it on to its hottest setting. Allow it to run a full cycle, but check it periodically for signs of shrinking.

Repeat the process if necessary, but don't wash and dry your tank top more than twice to avoid pilling and over-taxing.


This heat trick works just for both tank tops that started out too big, as well as those that have or stretched out in a bad way after being worn too many times.


Avoid the dryer when you aren't looking to shrink your Spandex or Modal. Extensive exposure to heat can lead to an eventual breakdown of the elastic fibers that give these fabrics their signature stretch.